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Fivatech designed and developed a tool to generate offline timetables for the line 1 of the Lille (France) metro in the context of the revamping of this automated line. Through the LGM group, Fivatech provided to Alstom a complete software for the operator Transpole to build timetables and generate statistics on operations.
For this line Fivatech is also designing a new archiving tool used to consult events occured during one year of operations. It also generates quality of service reports that contain relevant indicators to rate the quality of operations.
This project is managed by Egis-Rail.

Through a partnership with Systerel, Fivatech provides to Alstom its expertise in timetables generation for different metro projects. The maintenance of the timetable tool is also managed by Fivatech. This project implies mainly the metro lines of Lausanne (TL), Singapore (Circle Line) and Santiago (Metro Chile).

Through Ikos Consulting, Fivatech participated to the signalling project of the new Thomson East Coast Line of Singapore managed by General Electric, also in the field of timetables building. After the acquistion of GE signalling branch by Alstom, Fivatech keeps on working on this project with the development of a new tool.