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FIVATECH performs missions to design and develop tools specialized in helping to operate a transportation network. We lead also consulting missions to analyse your specific problem: line extension, headway decrease, forks management...

According to the wishes of his client, FIVATECH may intervene in a project at different stages:

  • Capture needs
  • Tips on optimizing the operation
  • Writing specifications
  • Solution Design
  • Solution Development
  • Tests
  • Integration
  • Validation
  • Training

If the mission includes all of these steps, it is a "turnkey" software solution that can provide FIVATECH . There are many benefits to work with FIVATECH : business expertise, a small structure that enables high responsiveness and proximity to the customer, cost control through fixed price contracts.

Finally, FIVATECH may participate on any project anywhere in the world. The international experience of the team ensures rapid adaptation and understanding of different cultures.