TimeTable Solutions


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TimeTable Solutions is the new set of tools designed by FIVATECH to help manage operations of a transport network. We invest in research and development to prepare the tools of tomorrow.

TimeTable Solutions Scheduler : this is to prepare in advance the planning for example of a subway or tramway line. By adjusting the frequency by time, the tool allows to build a "timetable" meeting expectations in terms of transport capacity.

  • Creating a timetable
  • Viewing or editing a timetable graphically
  • Viewing or editing a timetable from a grid
  • Consideration of special factors : the capacity of the line, constraints on the working time of drivers...

TimeTable Solutions Energy : TimeTable Solutions helps you to build "green" timetables to reduce the energy cost of your traffic.

  • Energy cost evaluation of a timetable, statistics
  • Real-time monitoring to measure the impact of schedule updates
  • Optimization helps

TimeTable Solutions Monitoring : TimeTable Solutions can interface with the supervision system to receive in real time the locations of the rolling stock.

  • Tracking the trains (Time Distance Graph)
  • Comparison with theoretical timetable, alerts, statistics

Modular design : "bricks" are used to build a tool adapted to the needs of the operator.